Bringing hope and acceptance to the Autistic Community

Bringing hope and acceptance to the Autistic Community


Bringing Awareness

The vision for Spire Autism is to bring awareness as we move towards acceptance. Spire Autism will strive to help parents, including those with newly diagnosed children, with blogs for those who have questions, along with more plans at a future date.

Extreme Sports Bike
Extreme Sports Bike

One in 36

children have been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)


reached through Spire, from the US to India

How We Help

What Spire Does

Teaching First Responders

We’re helping to equip our first responders on how to best handle situations that involve autistic individuals.

Sensory Rooms

Creating specially designed spaces for those with sensory processing difficulties, autism, ADHD, or other developmental or neurological conditions.

Speaking Engagements

Engaging with teachers, parents, and those interested in learning more on how to interact with the autistic community.

Sports Events

Working with teams and at sporting events across the United States to help promote autism acceptance and awareness.

Good Reads

Chatterbox: My Life with Autism, A Mother and Sons Perspective

The world has become more aware and informed about the increasing number of Autism in society. It is still a mystery as to the hardships and solutions to the lives of these kids and young adults. As they move on in life and find their way in this world, this book is a picture of one such life – an autism adult and his mother as they navigate forward down this road.

Inspire Videos

Inspiring Those Wanting To Aspire Towards A Better Future

A Message of Hope

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Stay Strong


From the Autistic Perspective

Explaining Autism


Of Autism

A Thorough Look